Express delivery

Keeping your project hassle-free is our top priority! Especially for international deliveries on
extremely short notice or replacement machines, we try to full exhaust the limits of feasibility.

Generally, we can make reliable statements about prices and delivery times of requested products
within minutes in close consultation with our logistic partners. If you take the offer, your order will
be prepared for shipment within the same day and be either delivered by DPD or by a shipping
contractor of your choice for express deliveries. Even international shipment of heavy loads, such
as tube bending machines and welding beads is possible on short notice.

General information on estimated delivery times for each individual product can be found on the
respective product’s page. All products in stock can be shipped without any delay. For further
information just send us an enquiry.

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Sales & Rent: Rainer Klesius, Marvin Klesius
Technical Inquiries: Gerrit Klesius
International: Marvin Klesius, Sonja Och
Telephone: +49 (0) 2043 294766

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