Repair & replacement

Warranty on new products

Customer satisfaction and quality are our top priorities. In order to meet our high standards and
the high loads of pipeline construction, our product range is carefully selected, regularly
maintained and examined by experienced staff. New machines are sold exclusively with a
warranty to ensure a hassle-free project flow.

Repair & replacement of rented products

In case a rented product is damaged or otherwise no longer operational, we will provide a repair
or replacement as soon as possible. Within Germany and in neighbouring countries, these tasks
are handled directly on site by our internal service team. Thanks to our staff’s long experience
with each of our products, the operational capability can in most cases be restored quickly after
your report.

Individual contract conditions

Terms and conditions of our services will be tailored for each project individually. Depending on a
couple of factors and time restrictions, you can fully decide which of our services you want to
have included.

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Sales & Rent: Rainer Klesius, Marvin Klesius
Technical Inquiries: Gerrit Klesius
International: Marvin Klesius, Sonja Och
Telephone: +49 (0) 2043 294766

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